Dynamic querymode in cognos 10.1.1


while creating testing the oracle datasiurce i am getting the error “DPR-ERR-2002 Unable to execute the request because there were no connections to the process available within the configured time limit.” in cognos 10.1.1.
I am using this datasource for dynamic query . cognos 10.1.1 is installed in linux machine…
can anybodu tell the exact step for crateing the datasource for dynamic query mode. I am using the oracle DB

Thanks in Advance

Read this…

Dynamic Query Cookbook

i am using the oracle DB for the DQM
and using the ojdbc6.jar .i am not able to locate the ociJDBCXX file in my installation? do i need to install any seperate library file???

Add the <ORA_CLIENT>/lib32 path to the LIBPATH variable of your environment.

  • Check your environment settings in a command windows with the command “ENV”.

  • Check the LIBPATH variable and add the Oracle Client library path with "export LIBPATH=$LIBPATH:/<ORA_CLIENT>/lib32.

  • Source your environment settings.

  • Restart the Cognos service.

Hi iam using the linux environment and i have added /opt/app/oracle/product/11g/client_1/lib in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH…still it is not working.