I am interested to know how often and the latest time this specific error has been reported to us

DPR-GTY-5004 Communication failed while attempting to forward the request to the dispatcher. This may be due to dispatcher failover: Please try again.

Thanks in advance

i use the logview2.exe for this purpose.


I have regenerated all the CSK keys in all the dispatcher.But still the error appears.
I came to know that the issue can be resolved if we regenerate tha Application Server file in our case it is Weblogic 9.1.
It was advice to gernerate the p2pd application file and then by using deployment in weblogic we can deploy the same file.

My question is that what are steps we can generate the p2pd file and how we have to deploye the same file;

Is somepne help me on this.Please help me with all the steps.

Thanks in advance
Abhishek Dubey