DPR-ERR-2058 Error Appears in Web Browser When Starting IBM Cognos 8

DPR-ERR-2058 The dispatcher encountered an error while servicing a request. XTS handler must be initialized before being invoked.
DPR-ERR-2058 The dispatcher cannot service the request at this time. The dispatcher is still initializing. Please try again or contact your administrator.

After you start the services in IBM Cognos Configuration and then try to open the portal, a message similar like above may appear

These error messages usually occur when the dispatcher cannot communicate with Content Manager. To help you determine the specific cause, look in the cogserver.log file in the c8_location/logs directory. The most common causes are listed below, with solutions.

IBM Cognos Services are Not Done Initializing
After you start the services in IBM Cognos Configuration and the configuration tool shows that the services are running, wait a few minutes for all services to start before you open the portal.

Content Manager is Not Available
In a distributed installation, ensure that Content Manager is installed, configured, and running. Ensure also that the other IBM Cognos computers are configured with the correct Content Manager URI.

The Content Store is Not Available or is Not Configured Properly
Ensure that the content store database was created and that you configured it correctly in IBM Cognos Configuration.

Tables are Not Created in the Content Store
Ensure that you are using a version of DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or Sybase that is supported by IBM Cognos components.

The Logon Credentials for the Content Store Are Incorrect
Check whether the information changed. For example, DB2 reads information from the NT user management. If the password for the NT account changed, you must also change the logon credentials for the content store in IBM Cognos Configuration.

Check for special characters in the logon password. Occasionally, the JDBC driver does not accept characters that are reserved for xml, such as %, !, <, and >.

The User Does not Have Appropriate Permissions
Ensure that the user has the appropriate permissions.

Out of Memory on HP-UX
If you are using Tomcat, you can determine the issue is related to HP-UX server configuration. You may be exceeding the expected maximum number of simultaneously active threads per process.

Steps to Check for an HP-UX Configuration Problem
In the /bin/startup.sh file, find
../tomcat4.1.27/bin/catalina.sh start "$@"

Change it to the following:
../tomcat4.1.27/bin/catalina.sh run "$@"

The run command causes the Tomcat output to appear in the console window for IBM Cognos 8.
Stop and restart IBM Cognos 8 using the ./shutdown.sh and ./startup.sh commands.
If the following error message appears in the console window for any of the application servers, the issue is an HP-UX configuration problem:

OutofMemoryException error: Unable to create new native thread on HP-UX.

The problem is that the default values for HP-UX 11.0 and 11i are set too low for most Java applications.
Tip: You can check the number of threads in your process by using the -eprof option available in JDK 1.1.8 and by analyzing the Java.eprof file using HPjmeter by selecting the threads metric.

Steps to Increase the maximum Number of Threads Per Process
Have your system administrator change the Kernel parameter as follows:

max_thread_proc = 512
nkthread = 1024

Ensure that the ulimit settings are unlimited.

Content Manager Cannot Connect to the Content Store on Oracle
If you are using an Oracle database as a content store, the DPR-ERR-2058 error may be generated when logging onto the portal http://host_name/cognos8. All tables are created on the database.
You may also receive the following error messages:

CM-CFG-5036 Content Manager failed to connect to the content store.

ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied
Steps to Set the Oracle Database Server Name
In the Explorer window, click Data Access, Content Manager, Content Store.

Change the Oracle database server name to a fully qualified name such as host_name.companyname:1534 to match the name in the tnsnames.ora file.