DPR-ERR-2056 The Report Server is not responding


I am creating multi tab advanced active report in cognos 10.1 and when I run the report I am getting error as below

DPR-ERR-2056 The Report Server is not responding.

Details Handler trace back: the_dispatcher com.cognos.pogo.handlers.performance.PerformanceIndicationHandler the_dispatcher com.cognos.pogo.handlers.logic.ChainHandler service_lookup com.cognos.pogo.handlers.engine.ServiceLookupHandler load_balancer com.cognos.pogo.handlers.logic.ChainHandler lb_forwarder com.cognos.p2plb.clerver.LoadBalanceHandler reportservicechain com.cognos.pogo.handlers.logic.ChainHandler warp_with_authenticate com.cognos.pogo.handlers.logic.ChainHandler do_warp com.cognos.pogo.handlers.logic.ChainHandler warpmta com.cognos.pogo.reportservice.ReportServerHandler

Please help me to solve this problem ASAP.


Hi Gopinath,

It sounds to me like a configuration error to me. :-\

i have a few questions:

  1. Do you have a multiserver environment?
  2. If so, what if you disable 1 server, so that you have a gateway, dispatcher and content manager running (single server) does the error occur then as well?
  3. Do you get this error on a different report and or package? Or only this one report?

Hi Karma,

I don’t think it is configuration issue, because I am getting this error for only this report not for all.

  1. Ya we have prod,mod & dev servers.
  2. Currently we are migrating cognos 8.2 to cognos 10.1.
  3. I am getting this error for only this report under the same package not for all the reports.