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DPR-ERR-2002 Unable to execute the request because there was no process avail

DPR-ERR-2002 Unable to execute the request because there was no process available within the configured time limit

All datasource connections fail with an error when testing, even though connection parameters are correct.

This error can occur if the Cognos 8 encryption folders are not longer valid.

Regenerate the encryption information by following these steps:

  1. Stop the Cognos 8 service.
  2. On the Cognos 8 server(s), navigate to the <install_path>/configuration directory and backup the csk, signkeypair, and encryptkeypair directories. Also, rename or delete up the cogstartup.xml file in same directory.
  3. Launch Cognos Configuration.
  4. From the File menu select Export as… and save the settings as crnstartup.xml.backup (or similar) to the configuration folder. Note: This will create an unencrypted version of your Cognos Configuration settings exposing any passwords in the configuration.
  5. Close Cognos Configuration
  6. Delete the csk, signkeypair, encryptkeypair directories.
  7. Rename the exported configuration file to cogstartup.xml.
  8. Launch Cognos Configuration.
  9. From the File menu, select Save. This will recreate the csk, encryptkeypair and signkeypair directories and re-encrypt all the configuration information.
  10. Start the Cognos 8 service.

Hello MartijnC,

I have encountered this issue quite a few times now, used the same steps to resolve.

But is there a permanent fix to it?

Your help is highly appreciated.