Displaying week numbers in cross tab


I am sure that my package is relational not dimensional.
Becaue source is not olap & it doesn’t contain level & hierarchies as showned in the doc.

My report is cross tab & uses relational modelling now tel me how can I get the required week numbers in my cross tab report based on the season which I select
from the prompt…

For example: If I select Groceries - as segment name, Groceries - as family name, Season year - Spring2009
then I should get week number starting from 6,7, 8,etc…in 1st row, then in second row I should get corresponsding month&year.

Now I am already getting above 2 rows problem is with getting week numbers in 3rd row…by considering 0 as current week and previous 9 weeks(-9)
and next 6 weeks…PFA of current output what I am getting already & required format I need to get finally i the report which shows
week numbers in 3rd row of cross tab.

Please let me know if you need more details.



One more attachment.



Is no one knows what is the solution of my issue in cross tab report? Please reply your ideas here…this reprot is of urgent requirement.