Direct Printing to Printer


How can I preset the formatting (i.e. landscape, margin, etc.) in a report so that I can directly print to printer without needing to convert to PDF or needing to reset all the settings everytime I wanted to print ?

Please help as my users have a lot of reports that they constantly require to print.



Is the default run options for a Report Studio report set to PDF and the orientation to for example Landscape? Sometimes i see this when the Report Studio report is run, the data displays in landscape format as expected, but prints in portrait.

Within Adobe Reader, there is a setting called ‘Auto Rotate and Center’ in the Print dialog box. This field must be checked to accept the default values for the document ie. Report studio report

Is this what you are looking for?

Orientation (landscape or portrait) and paper size are properties that are only useful for printing and as such they are only associated with the PDF format which is the format designated for printing. Excel and HTML outputs will have scroll bars which makes orientation and paper size irrelevant.

If setting an Orientation and Paper Size is required then run the report as PDF.

  1. In Cognos Connection, click on the Run With Options icon beside a report.
  2. Click Advanced Options.
  3. Under Formats, choose an orientation (Portrait or Landscape).
    Note: this option is only enabled when the PDF output box is checked.