Different totals in the crossTab footer?

Hi to all,

1- We have this crossTab in Report Studio 10.1.1

2- It is composed of “months” as lines and we have nested the “PRODUCT LINE” on top of “PRODUCTS” as columns.

3- The metrics beeing nested in this crossTab is [Sales Month to Date] and [Sales Year to Date]

4- They display what is needed

We now need to have a crossTab footer (not sure if possible) or a way to display in the bottom of the [Sales Month to Date] column the SUM of it.
then we want to display the MAXIMUM (in fact i’m not sure if this is the right agrgreate function to use) but we need to display the last value of the [Sales Year to Date] column on the
bottom of that column. Is any of this possible and how ?

Thanks in advance for any valuable feed-back or at least the big picture of it !