Different Background Color for Text Item When Using Style Variable


1- I have a TABLE object with 1 column and 2 rows

2- In the first ROW i have a LIST object that is from Query1 that displays the 2 data items mentionned in earlier post that is:
[Query1].[Profit] and [Query1].[Profit LastYear]

3- In the 2nd ROW i added a simple TEXT object which has the property “Style Variable” pointing to the String Variable which i mentionne earlier.

I hope i’m not missing anyhing ?

Thank you in advance for your feed-back !

p.s In fact i don’t know if anyone has any other suggestion in doing what i’m trying to reproduce, that is: If the value of [Query1].[Profit] is greater than the
value of [Query1].[Profit LastYear] than we need to eighter display a TEXT with a different color or even better simply fill in a box objet by red (lower) or yellow (equal)
or green (greater)

Hi to all,

I had to add the columns i’m referring in the “Style variable” code in the PROPERTIES propertie of the PAGE in order to avoid error messages

Thanks anyhow for your support !