Destination email address location

I need to find out a report email (destination email) location in Content Store for those reports that have been sent by email, so I can run an audit report on it. Basically we need to run recipients inventory on our environment. Can you please tell me where can I find this in Audit package or anywhere else in Content Store? Hope my explanation for the problem is clear.

The email sending is done by the ‘JobAndScheduleMonitoringService’. And this service uses the NC* tables in the content store. I expect that you will find the email address there as well.

Oh yeah, been there… done that… unsuccessfully. I didn’t find email address anywhere in NC* tables. :-[

Actually I was able to be more successful with MotioPI, but only one problem: it can’t export out current state for the schedule: ENABLE or DISABLE.

But thanks for reply anyway!!! :wink: