Deploy Reports From Dev to Tst

I new to Cognos, while someone away sick. I have few reports created in Report Studio that must be moved from Test to Dev environments. Framewrok manager model not changed, just the look of reports…
How do I migrate reports across? Have read user guide, but not simple instructions. Do I export/import whole framewrok? Which software application I use…FM? Can I just copy across files from 1 server path to another? Do not want to move content store as many reports in here, just these 5 reports with look and feel changes need to migrate, but VERY VERY urgent, must move today. Pleese help!! Shee.Loading…

just use the deployment option in Cognos connection. I do not have reportnet up and running, so i do it by memory…

steps are simular like in this post:

  1. log into cognos connection (dev) with system administrator permissions
  2. goto administration -> content management?
  3. create a new export deployment for the reports (fm model is packed as well) without the datasource option checked!
  4. save and run deployment
  5. in the /c8/deployment directory on the dev server is a zip file created.
  6. copy this zip file to the /c8/deployment directory of the tst server
  7. login to cognos connection (tst) with system administrator permissions
  8. goto administration -> content management?
  9. choose import and you see the deployment you just copied over
  10. run deployment
  11. test

bye :wink:

I have read the thread and also the Help guide.
I have followed the steps, and I can’t find in this directory: /c8/deployment the .zip the file created.
Do you have any clue what would the problem be?

Thankkk you very much

Hi Maria,

by default the packages are save in the deployment directory within the Cognos 8 directory structure for example:
D:\program files\cognos\c8\deployment

but you can change this location in the configuration manager om the server where the content manager component is installed. When you open the configuration manager click on the left hand side in the tree structure “environment”. on the right hand side you see the deployment directory which Cognos 8 is using.

good luck!

Hi! The problem is that I can see the other packages created (I don’t know by who) but this one no. I’ve used the Search option and there is nothing like the name I gave it in the computer…


the other options are:

  1. a file share on a (remote) file server and not on the cognos server
  2. if you have multiple Cognos dispatcher servers configured, depending on the configuration of BOTH cognos configuration managers on both servers. Check both configuration managers and see if the point to the same or another location. If dispatcher 1 is processing your request it will be save in the directory as configured in Cognos configuration manager of dispatcher 1.
    For dispatcher 2 exactly the same.