Delivery Service Errors

Delivery Service Errors

You can encounter these errors during SDK developing or you may run into them in some other way.
It gives you the error message and sometimes a solution or hint to resolve your issue.


A DeliveryOptionEnum of type {0} should only be used with DeliveryOption
type(s): {1}
Ensure that your option enumeration uses the correct option types required by the Object Model.

Error extracting options.
Ensure that the options are the correct type and not null.

You must specify at least one recipient in the email task.
Specify a recipient.

You did not specify a subject in the email task.
Specify a subject.

An unexpected error has occurred. The message is: {0}

Unable to find data for related attachment with source ID:[{0}]
Ensure that the content IDs are properly constructed in the SOAP request.

Unable to retrieve attachments from the SOAP message.
Ensure that you streamed the attachment in the SOAP request.