Default Selection value on value prompt doesn't always work

I’m using Cognos 8.4.1 Report Studio. I have a filter for a G/L object account that I have a value prompt parameter set for. I have set a default selection value for the value prompt. However, when I go to run the report (from within Report Studio or from Cognos Connections), it doesn’t give me the default value. Other value prompts and their default selection values do work. Kind find any pattern or reason as to why this doesn’t work.

Is the prompt defined as an optional prompt?? Because you cannot set a prompt value for an optional prompt. :-X

Define a default value on the prompt or switch the prompt as a required prompt.

To set the prompt as required prompt:

  1. Open report in report studio
  2. expand the query explorer and select the query that contain the prompt
  3. Sent the prompt as required

To set default value to the prompt:

  1. Open report in report studio
  2. Select the prompt
  3. In the properties window of the prompt set the ‘Default Selection’