DB2 unreadable

Have a database in utf8 (base audit Cognos 10 BI), in one of the tables are entered in Active Directory, users who log in at Cognos. In AD users in Russian, Cognos 10 BI and DB2 are installed on Windows 2003, ENG. Field in a table with users look unreadable, all other fields as they are not in Cyrillic looks fine. But if you unload data from tables and view encoded in utf8 fields will look normal. Prompt function Framework Manager, which displays the data on the fly normally, or another method of how to overcome the problem.

Thank you.

Hi Koida,

i have read your post a few times but i have trouble to extract the real question, sorry… :-[

Are you using the Cognos audit database, right, but when and what error, issue do you encounter?

In file cogserver.log one value is recorded in the encoding UTP-8. This value is the field “Display name” of active directory. See attachment.

what kind of security connection did you configure in Cognos configuration manager?

‘AD connector’ or ‘LDAP’?

AD connector is easy to configure. Ldap connector is a bit more difficult but you can configure the fields displayed and used by Cognos.

Make good backups of cognos content store and cogstartup.xml before you start ::slight_smile: