Data Presentation error with List Object


I’m with a trouble using the List Object on Query Studio. Cognos are replicating data in all rows. The question is that the problem don’t occurs when I use a crosstab. Follow the pictures with the problem are attached.


Vinícius Uliana

Which Cognos version do you use? and what is the datasource? a cube?

Version 8.4.1.

I’m accessing directly a database.

All objects and all relationships are created in Framework Manager.

Some idea?


need you more additional informations?



In framework under the dimension_regional ? or whatever its called set determinants

Country (Order BY)
Regions (unique level)

We are using a regional hierarchy composed by the followed structure:

  • Regional
  • Municipality
  • District

ie: Regional has many Municipality and Municipality has many Districts.

Can anybody send me a printscreen showing how a hierarchy must be created in Cognos 8.4.1?

Thank you!

As u are using query studio, u can NOT build it on a regular dimension in dimensional view.

So u need to set determants in the first namespace (layer) also u need to connect (prolly by districtkey) this dimension to the fact.