Data Labels in Chart

Hi All,

I am using Cognos 10.2. The issue i am facing is in a report which includes a combination chart.

The report includes a check box selection & a combination chart. The chart will display the values of only the measures which we select in the check box.

When i run the report, initially data labels are not displayed in the chart. But when i uncheck a particular measure in the check box, data labels will appear in the chart.

I want the data labels to appear at all times in the chart.

Can someone pls help me find why the data labels are showing an inconsistency in my report.

Thanks a lot in advance

Hi All,

The issue is solved. The problem was with the Collision Mode property which comes under Show values property of the Chart Labels.

Collision mode was set to ‘None’ to solve the issue, which will cause labels to overlap which is a major disadvantage.

But the above issue will not occur. Earlier collision mode was coarse staggered , here labels will not overlap but since there were many overlapping values in the chart, when coarse staggered was set as the collision mode the chart stopped displaying the data labels at times to prevent overlap!!.

It would be really helpful if someone can suggest a workaround for this issue