Custom template name does not appear below the template icon in Templates box

Template name attribute is blank in Template Box in Report Studio

Created a custom template for Report Studio. When creating a new report, Report Studio asks you which template you would like, it shows the icon for his new template correctly, but is not showing the template name.

Incorrect syntax in resource.xml

Diagnosing the problem
In the resources.xml file, you can specify the Label="IDS_LBL_NEW_REPORT" attribute to set the name of the template.
The problem is that the attribute Label should be "label". If you change it to a lowercase 'l' it works the way they want.

Following the steps described in the "Install guide for Adding Custom Report Templates for Report Studio" - Chapter 31 page 495

For changes to resource.xml :
Add a new listItem element using one of the following attributes for the custom report template:
- label, if you do not want to translate the label into other languages
- idsLabel, if you want to translate the label into other languages