Cryptographic information cannot be encrypted when trying to save Framework Manager configuration

[ERROR]CAM-CRP-1315 Current configuration points to a different Trust Domain than originally configured
[ERROR]Crypto keys generation failed

Cryptographic information cannot be encrypted when trying to save Cognos Configuration on Framework Manager machine

Possible causes are improperly generated or corrupted cryptographic keys, incompatible component builds, or firewall port issues.

Rename the encryption keys and save/restart the service. This will regenerate the folders with the new encryption package.


Check the cmplst.txt found within the root of each installation directory to verify that the Framework Manager and Cognos 8 components are the same version/build.

Another way to check build number of installed components is to hit Ctrl-F3 within Cognos Configuration (make sure the window has focus). A properties window will appear, and the second tab lists installed components and their build numbers (look for the Beringxxx entry).


If this is a multi server install, port 9300 must be open through the firewall.


Rename the encryption keys or delete

Open Cognos Configuration for the Framework Manager installation
Stop the Cognos service (if applicable) and close Cognos Configuration
Rename the csk, signkeypair, encryptkeypair directories from the configuration directory and then re-save/restart the service. This will attempt to rebuild the directories with the correct information.


Check the build version of the BI server, and Framework Manager.

For each install, go to the installation directory, and check the build version in the cmplst.txt file.


Test access to the external dispatcher URI from the Server that cannot save the configuration, and check that Telnet to port 9300 works.

telnet servername 9300