Crosstab report: summarize percentage value


I have a Crosstab with 3 columns, which are shown on a monthly bases.
Column A and B hold a number, Column C holds a calculated percentage on a row bases.
I would like to add a grand total to the crosstab report.
For the number columns, there is no problem.
But, the percentage column is also summarized, and I get a percentage like e.g. 4000 %, which is incorrect.

When I look at the expression, it says "Total ( currentMeasure within detail … ) "
Is there any way I can get this to work correctly?

Thanks in advance.

Kindly Yours
Dimitri Backaert

Hi Dimitri,
You could try using the aggregate function instead of total. This will apply whatever aggregation setting you have set for the rollup aggregate function of the underlying items. So columns A and B would be set to have Total as the aggregate and rollup aggregate function. Column C however would have those set to “Calculated”.

aggregate ( expr [ auto ] ) aggregate ( expr for [ all | any ] expr { , expr } ) aggregate ( expr for report ) Returns a calculated value using the appropriate aggregation function, based on the aggregation type of the expression.