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Create users within Cognos for authentication

Here at Company XXX we are considering changing Cognos authentication method from Active Directory to something simpler, if possible something within Cognos itself. Our application will be made available to other departments within Company XXX that are on different Active Directory implementation. Management here wants to avoid creating multiple AD namespaces within Cognos as they all follow different rules. I wanted to check and see what your recommendation would be, and is it possible to create users within Cognos for authentication? I tried researching little bit but did not find any straight forward method. Suggestion requested!!! :wink: :wink:



In Cognos you cannot make any users.

AD is pretty straight forward. You attach the users stored in the LDAP to groups or roles in Cognos. but true multiple AD’s are not a nice solution.

You can set up a new AD or other authentication source which is supported by Cognos. See supported environment list of your Cognos version. There you can put all the users dedicated for Cognos. :-\