Count for Each month between a start date and end date


I’ve a requirement where start date and end date is given. If for eg Start Date is 5/27/2010 and end date is 10/30/2010. I’ve to get a count for each months between this dates. I dont have time dimension table. Is there a way to get this? please help me.

maybe a silly question… :-[

If yo enter a start and end date (sounds like a filter to me) which is used for your report?

or do yo have to calculate the months like month 10 - 5 = 5 months?

please clarify


No. not that simple. We need to find the months between this dates and give count for each month dynamin. For eg. People can have multiple work and based on they can have different start date and end date. So if i click a work i want to know how many people worked on in a time range. so if i have a start date5/1/2010 and end date 8/31/2010. i’ve to get a count for each month and doing that without a time dimension table attached seems to be not possible to me. but if you can throw some light highly appreciative.