Copy Permission from one object to another

I would like to know if possible to copy permission (groups, users) from one object (package, folder, etc.) to another one, within Cognos Connection. I’m using Cognos 8.4 FP2 with Series 7 (Access Manager).


Hi Alex,

Motio has a tool, MotioPI Professional, that can perform this task in Cognos Connection.

For example, say you have 500 reports you need to add permissions to in order for a group of users to be able to access. The “Property Distributor” feature from MotioPI Pro enables you to choose a prototype object containing the permission set you want to copy, then select the target objects and blast the properties onto your targets!

Here’s a quick demo video that shows how this tool works:


Sounds good but the video does not load? i get an error “can’t load this episode?” i use firefox 3.6.13.

With IE 8 it is working ! :slight_smile:

Nice feature of MotioPI pro! This tool will save me a ton of time. I like the christmas icons too… ;D

Thank you Holly! That was my old post, so by now I already discovered how helpful Motio PI Pro is, as well as successfully using it… :wink:

CognosGuru - Video loaded and played just fine on my Firefox 3.6.13. Well, you got that working with IE, so that is great. Trust me, you didn’t miss anything by using IE for it… ;D