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Hi there,

I found this topic posted under Knowledge Articles and I’m wondering where can I find actual output when I executing from the Oracle 10G? I’m using PL/SQL developer for it and when I executed SQL Script it just created bunch of tabs with single query result. Where can I find single page output that sample in this site?


Hi Alex,

I can execute this script for SQL and can not test it on an Oracle database.

SQL analysis server also returns it as seperate output (see screenshot) and in the article i put it together as one… :o

if you look at hte query it are seperate select statements as well.

elect count(*) as “Outputs under 10KB” from CMDATA
where DATAPROP is not NULL and DATALENGTH(DATAPROP) < 10240;

select count(*) as “Outputs 10KB - 100KB” from CMDATA

select count(*) as “Outputs 100KB - 1MB” from CMDATA
where DATALENGTH(DATAPROP) >= 102400 and DATALENGTH(DATAPROP) < 1048576;

select count(*) as “Outputs 1MB - 10MB” from CMDATA
where DATALENGTH(DATAPROP) >= 1048576 and DATALENGTH(DATAPROP) < 10485760;

Apparently Oracle shows every single query result in a seperate tab…?

Or take a look at C:\Program Files\COGNOS\c8\bin\utilities\cm\CMTools\CMTools.exe available in version 8.3 and 8.4.

log in the application and you can get simular data but with a GUI.

Yep, I’m using CMTools.exe already, but I was looking for way to run it myself on way page and save it for historical purpose.

Thanks for your reply!

Hello, I’m looking for more information on the Cognos CMtool.exe. Specifically, I’m curious about its purpose and functionality within the Cognos environment. Has anyone used this tool before and can provide some insights or resources? Also, are there any potential risks associated with this tool? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
We are running on version 11.2.4 now