Contained variant type does not match declaration of SafeArray

We have recently upgraded our Planning environment from 8.3 to 8.4.1. on a Test / Dev environment.
We have followed the IBM Cognos Upgrade method of setting up a clean 8.4.1 installation and using the Deployment wizard to export our existing applications from the 8.3 Live environment and importing these into our 8.4.1 Dev environment.
I have had no issues with this process, and have created two Contributor applications, the first through the Deployment wizard and a GTP, and the second creating a new application from Analyst and GTP to Contributor.
When we try to open the applications, either one from the two sources, we get the following message on the web browser blank white screen:-
Contained variant type does not match declaration of SafeArray

I have googled and done an IBM Troubleshoot with no results.
Does anyone have any idea what may be the reason for this?
Many thanks


i have seen this once before… :-\

During a pad upgrade from 8.1 to 8.3 and i ran GTP on all applications and when hitting the website and opening a elist item, getting the below error:
“Contained variant type does not match declaration of SafeArray”

The cause was that not all 8.1 components were uninstalled on the same server as 8.3!

Try to uninstall the all the old version components as well as current version on all servers and then reinstall current version all on a single server first to make sure you can view the data on the web. Once you can see then continue with the distributed environment.

good luck!