Connection error

I can log onto cognos planning 8.4 from work with no problem. At home I use my VPN connection for all connections to work. When i click on my link to cognos 8.4 from home I get a Internet connection error with the option to diagnose the connection. When I diagnose the connection I get a webpage cannot be found. I had to problem connecting to cognos 7.x from home with my VPN. Do I need to open certain ports on my home router or create a rule within my firewall? I am very frustrated. Thank you.

the port cognos planning using are port 80 (gateway URL) and port 9300 Dispatcher url.

i use a vpn connection from home as well to access thre Cognos environement of my work without any issues.
Once i am connected via the vpn connection to my work network everything works as normal.
I did not change anything to my home router.

can you access the cognos portal once you are connected via vpn? ie. http: //server/cognos8
or do you get the error message when you open a planning application?

No, I cannot reach the portal when I am connected to my VPN from home. I go to work and connect through the wireless access point and I have no issues. I just don’t get it. The VPN should allow me through.

when you are at home and connected to the VPN to your work network, can you:

  1. ping the Cognos server?
  2. ping the fully qualified name (FQN) of the Cognos server?
  3. ping ipadres of the Cognos server?

if not it looks like you are on another domain or workgroup

is so try the FQN or ip adres in the http ://ipadres/cognos8