Conditional Totals in Report Studio

I have a Providers Productivity Report that I am working on and it has 4 rows of numerical data, CHK, CAN, NS, RS in a crosstab report. My question would be is there a way to total just “CHK” at the end of the crosstab row, instead of the total of CHK+CAN+NS+RS?

Terry H
Billings, MT

Hi Terry,

I do not build reports on a daily base, but try this:

Create a sub query to get the roll up values and then base your calculations on the parent query.
Using the “Queries” window in Report Studio

  1. Create a new query “Query 1”
  2. Add your data items to this query
  3. Create a second new query “Query 2” and drag “Query 1” to the right of “Query 2” so that it connects the two queries.
  4. Open now “Query 2” and add the data items needed in the report
  5. Now you can add the calculations to “Query 2” and they will use the already grouped and summarized data from “Query 1”

Now it should work