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Comment File (.cmn) Example

Hi experts, I want to ask about cmn file, I’ve created .cmn file to add comment from ETL.

This is my format file:
ABC.001 SC.ABC CAMID(":") CAMID("::Anonymous") TestTestTest 2013-01-01 1156 1 N Remark 13 KPI 2013-01-01

But when I loaded the .cmn file from metric maintenance (“Import and transfer data from files into metric store”), it comes with no error and no warning, but I cannot found any comment in metric ABC.001 (I have searched every period in ABC.001).

Anyone knows how’s the format for cmn file? Something wrong with my data format?

Please advise.

Thank you.

Hi Edo,

did you look here?

a trick i use is to add the desired information to an object.
Then export this object type to text.
Open the exported text file and you will see the syntax and format.