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Cognos 8 Go! Office Features and benefits (from the IBM site)

IBM® Cognos® 8 Go! Office lets you view and consume Cognos business intelligence content within Microsoft® Office applications such as PowerPoint® Excel® and Word®.

Increase business intelligence adoption rates

IBM Cognos 8 Go! Office belongs to the IBM Cognos 8 Go! family of product extensions designed to help you increase business intelligence user adoption rates within your organization.

These extensions let users interact with BI content using familiar applications or devices, such as a BlackBerry®, search engine, Microsoft® Office application, or Web browser.

IBM Cognos 8 Go! Office eliminates users’ need to cut and paste or manually load data into spreadsheets or presentations. This saves time, prevents errors, and allows users to focus on making decisions rather than data entry.

Distribute business intelligence to everyday users

*      Toolbar icons let users consume and save BI content, or create sophisticated desktop reports such as briefing books and dashboards.
*      Users can refresh their MS Office documents with updated information on-demand.
*      Users can modify and share Cognos BI content using familiar applications and interfaces.
*      Publish and share Cognos-enabled files to the secure BI portal.

Central data management

*      Gain manageability and accountability through BI administration of MS Office documents.
*      Access to BI content is secured by the central Cognos BI portal: a login within the MS Office environment authenticates users and ensures proper administration.
*      IT can enable version control, access rights, and audit accountability back to individual users.
*      MS Office documents can be automatically generated or refreshed with BI content.

No desktop administration

*      Centralized administration enabled through the .NET Framework and Microsoft Smart Client technology.
*      Intelligent data connections, caching, and reliance on local processing minimize server demand.
*      IT needs only to provide Cognos-enabled Web-based templates to users.

Import a wide range of BI content

*      Include BI elements such as crosstabs, graphs, charts, and tables.
*      Perform heterogeneous queries with contextual information.
*      Automatically refresh BI content and maintain links to contextual information.
*      Users can maintain original report formatting and identify its source and creation date.
*      Once imported, users can manipulate BI content with MS Office features such as Auto Filter, Comments, Charting, and Formatting.