Cognos Servlet Gateway and WebSphere

Hello All!

I’ve been tasked to install Cognos 8.4.1. on WebSphere. These are running on an AIX system. I’ve completed this once before without major issues, but on this second server I am unable to access the ServletGateway. When I go to:


I get an HTTP 501 Not Implemented error. I created the EAR file and selected that the static content be added. I’ve added the ‘9082’ port to the virtual hosts list in WebSphere. The application tier dispatcher is running on port 9081 and the content manger on 9080. Does anyone have any ideas?


Hello Ryan,

I too have the similar configuration as yours

I have the same problem too i.e.
I get HTTP 501 error when I run the URL http://hostname:9080/ServletGateway/servlet/Gateway

How did you resolve it? any ideas?

Thank you