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Cognos Series 7 Product Comparison Against Cognos 8


BI Function
Series7 Product
Upfront – Portal that is packaged with Series7
Cognos8 Component
Cognos8 (Cognos Connection)
C8 Technical Highlights
· Centralized deployment of custom portal pages
· Easy integration of:o Dynamic BI headline showing latest statuso Key metrics and KPIso Search & navigateo Cognos BI contento WSRP portlets (e.g. RSS channels)o Images
Cognos8 Benefits
· Tailor the user experience and have customized ‘start pages’ when they login
· Move users to self-service model of information delivery
· Single user interface regardless of data source (Siebel, PSFT, others…)
· Get information to users more quickly
· Share info with customers / suppliers / partners

BI Function
Series7 Product
Impromptu Client and IWR – Standalone reporting product for managed reporting against a single relational database
Cognos8 Component
Cognos8 (Report Studio)
C8 Technical Highlights
· Report from multiple data sources including relational (all), MOLAP, ROLAP, legacy, flat file, XML, Web Svcs, LDAP, Cognos EP and CF
· Zero footprint web authoring and viewing
· Supports all types of reports: managed, production, personal, dashboards, ad-hoc, etc
· Federated queries - one query drawing on multi-vendor data sources
· Adaptive layout adjusts automatically when objects are added, moved, or removed
· Embed live applications, Web sites, code (e.g. JavaScript), and non-BI content within a report
· Drag-and-drop authoring incorporates data, text, charts, graphs, and images
· Edit reports with prompts and toolbar commands
· Interactive visualizations and charting abilities
· Use a variety of charts: crosstabs, bar/3D bar, pie/doughnut, line, maps, gauge, funnel, scatter, dot density, waterfall, and more
· Create complex, multi-page layouts using different data sources without programming
· Conditional suppression and automatic calcs
· SQL is based on the latest ANSI 99 standard
Cognos8 Benefits
· Decrease report creation & modification time for lower cost
· Zero footprint enables easier extranet and global deployments
· Common reporting and BI skill sets shared across the enterprise
· Speed / improve decision making ability
· Decrease costs / Improve operational efficiency
· Regulatory compliance
· Respond to user needs for data on a timely basis

BI Function
Series7 Product
Visualizer – Standalone dashboard product that leverages PowerCubes or flat files as data sources
Cognos8 Component
Cognos8 (Report Studio)
C8 Technical Highlights
· No dedicated ‘dashboard’ tool required
· Out-of-the-box dimensional awareness and drill down/drill up/drill through capabilities
· High levels of graphic design control and rich chart styles well-suited for dashboardso Gauges, maps, 3D charts, etc
Cognos8 Benefits
· Simply an extension of reporting
· Single authoring and viewing for reports and dashboards simplifies dashboard creation and distribution
· Dashboards can be setup to automatically appear as the ‘start page’ when users login

BI Function
Series7 Product
Cognos Query – Standalone adhoc query product that is not integrated with the other S7 products
Cognos8 Component
Cognos8 (Query Studio)
C8 Technical Highlights
· Drag and drop, point and click user interface
· Advanced calculation and formatting logic that is completely GUI driven with no coding
· Easily migrate Ad-Hoc queries into Professional reports (Report Studio) with a click of a button
· New features:o Templateso Conditional Formattingo Multiple calculations and summarieso Compound filters (and/or logic)o Dimensional awareness
Cognos8 Benefits
· Designed for non technical business users
· Users can be self sufficient; reduces IT backlog
· Requires minimal training
· Report lifecycle enables user and IT collaboration
· Can be exposed to extranet customers/clients
· Enhanced functionality means business users can create more powerful and formatted reports without involving IT

BI Function
OLAP / Analysis
Series7 Product
PowerPlay Client and PowerPlay Web – Standalone multi-dimensional analysis solution with drill through integration to IWR
Cognos8 Component
Cognos8 (Analysis Studio)
C8 Technical Highlights
· Support for ‘large data’ and dimensions
· Leverage PowerCubes or 3rd party OLAP sources
· Supports dimensionally modeled RDBMS data
· Leverage existing PowerCubes as a data source, with enhanced UI capabilities and features:o Mixed grain analysiso Simple or compound filterso Nested top and bottom reports to isolate best/worst performerso Save custom sets
· Easily migrate Analysis into Professional reports (Report Studio) with a click of a button
Cognos8 Benefits
· Why analysiso Powerful self-service exploration/discovery o Start with the big picture, then discover issues and identify trendso Quickly assess relative performance and make powerful comparisons o Follow line of thought with multiple flow-on questions
· Reporting and analysis combinedo Navigate by key business driverso Drill up/down/through in any report/analysiso Analysis / reporting lifecycle ensures collaboration and re-useo Consistent user experience and interface

BI Function
Scorecarding and Metrics
Series7 Product
Cognos Metrics Manager – Standalone scorecarding solution
Cognos8 Component
Cognos8 (Metrics Studio)
C8 Technical Highlights
· At a glance performance with interactive scorecard application
· Centralized pool of metrics / KPIs
· Projects and initiatives for collaboration on actions
· Impact analysis to determine root cause
· Reporting and analysis to understand performance
Cognos8 Benefits
· All employees have the ability to track performance against key objectives
· Ability to view performance through live Strategy Maps
· Improves performance management by connecting strategy to individuals
· Organizational alignment from top to bottom

BI Function
Event Detection
Series7 Product
NoticeCast – Standalone alert solution that does not support full event detection
Cognos8 Component
Cognos8 (Event
C8 Technical Highlights
· Automated monitoring and management
· Real time alerts within portal or email
· Automatic launching of business processes
· Integration with BPM applications (e.g. FileNet)
· Bursting, scheduling and event based deployment
Cognos8 Benefits
· Integration with mobile devices for increased productivity
· Provides focus and accelerates time to action
· Qualify events, escalate actions, close the loop

BI Function
Series7 Product
Decision Stream – Standalone Extraction, transformation and loading solution
Cognos8 Component
(Data Manager)
C8 Technical Highlights
· Integrated BI metadata for an end to end solution (Direct integration with FM)
· Designed for star schema dimensional modeling and use with Cognos BI
Cognos8 Benefits
· Efficient and cost effective way to integrate data for BI
· Ensures quality, integrity and consistency of data for BI
· Automated dimensional modeling optimized for high performance BI