Cognos portal not accessible

Cognos portal is not accessible from any other machine on the network except from the server.

The portal was working fine earlier and the users were able to run/build reports. After the regular security/OS update on all servers the problem occurred and the portal does not come alive from any other machine on the network.

Any suggestions?

Can you answer these questions, so we can go from there?

what does the cogserver.log tell you?
can you start the cognos service?
is IIS or other webserver started?
does http://localhost work?

  1. I looked at the log file and don’t find anything unusual except start/stop messages.
  2. The cognos service started and is up and running
  3. IIS is reconfigured to the old settings and restarted (checked this from the server, the portal works fine and reports run okay)
  4. http://localhost alone does not work, throws 403 (forbidden) error, but http://localhost/cognos8 works fine

What is your remaining issue?

the portal works fine and reports run okay? :wink:

gateway and dispatcher settings in configuration are ok?

fill in the url u put there and test again.

Put CAF out.