Cognos Gateway load balancing

We have three application server & one webserver (gateway). we have done the load balancing in application server(Content manager & dispatcher). Now we are trying the load balancing of the gateway component also. Could you please share the details of the load balancing of gateway component? Can we perform this like the dispatcher load balancing.If you can share the steps for doing this, that would be great.
Please note we are using cognos 10.0 & cognos is installed in linux.


Load balancing of the gateway is not something you can set in Cognos configuration or cognos administration.

You must use an external loadbalancer like webseal in a windows environment. So the cognos version you like to balance the gateways of in not important. But i do not know a web balancer for Linux out the top of my head. But google will provide you an answer , i sure :slight_smile: