Cognos Framework Manager

  1.   Can the framework manager work independently without having the Cognos BI server. If yes then need to know how it works. I believe framework manager needs content manager (Repository database). So If I install framework manager on my workstation do I need to have content manager too? ::)
  2.   If framework manager can work independently then can I export the package from framework manager on my workstation and import it into Cognos BI server available in env B ? :-X
  3.   Let’ s say framework manager needs Cognos BI server or Content manager. If we install framework manager in env B and connect to Cognos BI server in env A. Will that work and does it have any pros or cons since it is over the network ? :-[
  4.   Is it possible to develop a report without having framework manager in place. I understand that framework manager is required to develop the data model. Let’s assume report does not have data model, in that case still framework manager is required ? Or is there any other way to develop the data model ? :o

hi avyaya,

  1. No, you need a BI server
  2. no but you can use the export/deployment option for exporting the package. Copy the zip file to envB and import the zip(package)
  3. No, every bi server has its own unique encryption keys. these keys are store on the workstation where framework manager is stored. If you configure framework manager for another environment the keys do not match
  4. framework manager is only used to create models (metadata) after publishing the package, you can create with report studio, analysis studio or query studio reports