Cognos Framework Manager Syncronize Issue

We recently had a power failure and our development machine lost power and corrupted one of our CPF files.
As it turns out, the CPF file error is related to another file beneath it called model.xml. Upon investigating I found the the file was 15 meg in size, but was missing some data at the end. I have used a program called oXyGen to recreate the tail end of the model.xml file to at least get it to open again in framework manager, however I know there is some other data missing from it. What I dont know is what or how much. Normally I would restore a backup, but at this was a development machine, we did not take any :-[
Anyhow, after doing some google searching I found a link on the IBM website on how to re-create this file from the log.xml file in the same directory.
I have tried the two methods mentioned (full synchronize and run script options), but it always seems to fail at the same point.

1 / Set the default locale to English
2 / Set the active local to English
3 / Set “project” property “Name” of object “SUN” to "SUN"
4 X Set “namespace” property “Name” of object “[Model]” to “Janus”

Step 4 fails - using Run Script it fails with BME-SP-0023 Invalid property handle ID: /O/name[0]/O/[Model].
I can understand this one as the model.xml namespace is already set to Janus.
I believe I need to run the Synchonize option to re-create it from the new, but again at fails at the same point with different error message:
QE-DEF-0288 Unable to find the data source ‘Janus’ in the content store.
And then the bmt.exe program eventually crashed out with a C++ runtime library error.

Anyone experienced or used the Synchroize option before? - any idea why it is complaining about changing namespace - it all looks good in the blank model.xml file that I used - the name space is Model so should be found and changed to Janus without any issue.

Puzzled :frowning:


Hi Jason,

if you published the framework model to the Cognos 8 content store you can retrieve the published framework model from the content store, and open this in framework manager again! 8)

So, did you publish the model prior the crash and which Cognos version are you using?



i had this document already on the shelf, but did not publish it yet. until today.

The document describes the simple steps how you can retrieve the model.xml from the Cognos Content store. I hope you did publish your FM to the content store before your crash…

otherwise we go from there.

Cheers Guys,
You’ll have to bear with me, but I am new to this stuff…
I didn’t write the reports, someone else did who is now on holiday for 2 weeks. I wouldn’t know if they have ‘published’ this to a content store - how would I find out?
Reading the link on the second reply I have tried to walk through the steps but fail at a couple of points.

  1. XP Cognos PC used to generate the report using Frame Work manager?
  2. App Server running
  3. Web/BI Server running
  4. DB Server Running

The reports and corrupted data exist on 1) the XP Cognos PC.
The references to c8root files from the link provided in the reply in post 2 exist on 2) the Web/BI server
I am unable to locate Cognos 8 Report Studio on any server/pc.
If the original files exist on XP Cognos, but the recovery procedure refers to the Web/BI server, I dont think I will find the required files for the framework will I on the Web/BI Server? Is this why you say ‘hope you have published it first?’. Should a copy then exist in the Web/BI Server? I have a framework manager on the Web/BI Server but it does not show my faulty project.

Is there another option for recovery using the XP Cognos PC instead (as I mentioned earilier using the log.xml to re-generate the corrupt model.xml?)

Thanks for all you help so far guys.
Jason (a complete n00b to C8!)
PS, I am using Cognos 8 (8.1 I think looking at the file structure - havent seen anything in framework manager to tell me which version it is running)

Lot further on now.
Found the location of the Report Studio er on Web/BI server and have started to go through the steps.
I have created the cqeconfig.xml file, stopped the service, renamed rtmodels (not rtmodel), started the service and loaded the report studio.
Now I am stuck again. The cpf files model.xml I need to re-create is for Actuals.CPF. When I use the Report Studio, I can not see that package their - does this mean it has not been published? :frowning:

help… :’(

Thx, Jason

With the method you use, you get the complete published model.xml syntax.

so if actuals component in your framework is published, you will see it in the rtmodels directory *.xml
If only a part of the framework was published before the crash… then you only get that part of the framework model… :frowning:

Thanks guys,
I think following your instructions I have recovered everything I need. Albeit each report in seperate packages rather than all reports under 1 package, but thats even better in my eyes as only one report can be affected if anything happens now rather than all of them. :slight_smile: Will be able to confirm next week that everything is as required when the report writer owner returns next week and can verify the recovered reports are intact.
Thanks again guys - your support has far outweighed our paid for contract support services which simply wiped their hands of the situation because we didnt have a back up!

Hi Jason,

hope to see u again with more interesting topic or replies here on the forum!