Cognos Error: RSV-BBP-0022

In Cognos 8:
RSV-BBP-0022 The absolute affinity request ‘asynchWait_Request’ failed, the requested session does not exist.
Details: RSV-SRV-0042 Trace back
In ReportNet:
RSV-SRV-0021 The server cannot find a primary request with ID XXXXXXXXX
WPBIBusMethod.cpp(176): WPEnginePluginException: CCL_CAUGHT: WPBIBusMethod::run
WPWaitMethod.cpp(157): WPEnginePluginException: CCL_THROW: WPWaitMethod::getRequest

This field is displayed on the search results webpage seen by customers, and effects search ranking and relevance. When a report is run, an error message occurs. If the same report is run again it may run with no error message.

This error typically indicates a timing condition in long-running reports.
Reports that run for more then 7 seconds enter an ‘asynchronous communication’ mode. In this mode, the session sends
periodic ‘wait()’ requests to retrieve the data. If this request is not received for over 30 seconds (the default async timeout) due to delays in the architecture, the dispatcher closes the session. This error is generated when the dispatcher then receives the ‘wait’ request for the closed session.

Possible environmental causes and solutions of this error:
Ensure that the minimum hardware requirements for Cognos 8 have been met.
Ensure that settings for a local firewall are not interfering with Cognos 8. Either disable the local firewall, or if that is not an option, modify the firewall settings for the Cognos 8 ports.
Ensure that multiple browsers (more then 2) are not being used on the workstation, as this may interfere with the communications.