Cognos Error: QE-DEF-0288

QE-DEF-0288 Unable to find the database in the content store.

This field is displayed on the search results webpage seen by customers, and effects search ranking and relevance. One or more users that are not part of the system administrators group receive an error when trying to run reports or queries.

Datasource connection is not define or define with insufficient permissions

Add the data source in Cognos Connection if it does not exist.
Ensure that the user has the proper permissions: ‘Execute’ and ‘Traverse’ on the data source itself “Traverse” on the Cognos namespace
1. Open Cognos Connection.
2. Under “Tools”, click “Directory”.
3. Click the “Data Sources” tab.
4. If your data source is not listed, you will have to create it. Otherwise:
5. Click “Set Properties” beside the data source, then click the “Permissions” tab.
6. Ensure that the affected users have “Execute” and “Traverse” permissions, and click “OK”.
7. Click the “Users, Groups, and Roles” tab at the top of the “Directory” page.
8. Click the “Set Properties” icon for the “Cognos” namespace, and then click the “Permissions” tab.
9. Ensure that the affected users have “Traverse” permissions, and click “OK”.