Cognos Error: DM-VLD-0024

DM-VLD-0024 The delivery module ‘TM1LOAD’ is not configured as a runnable module.
DM-BLD-0003 Incorrect specification for build ‘TurboIntegrator’.

A new delivery module is available in IBM Cognos 8.4 to deliver transformation models into TM1 by utilising the TM1 Turbo Integrator.
When attempting to deliver data, the build fails, regardless of connection and delivery module properties.

Data Manager is unable to find the TM1 executable files. Since Data Manager jobs are executed from the command line, the system path must have the TM1 bin folder incorporated. Adding the TM1 bin folder to the environment will allow the executable files to be available to the Data Manager script.

Data Manager and TM1 must be installed on the same win32 machine.

Resolving the problem
Add the BIN folder to the system path