Cognos Error: CM-SYS-5003

In Cognos Connection:
CM-SYS-5170 Content manager is unable to clean deleted referenced objects
CM-SYS-5003 Content manager is unable to access the content store. Verify your database connection parameters and then contact your database administrator.
CM-CFG-5065 A content manager configuration error was detected while attempting to execute the content initialization script
DPR-CMI-4006 Unable to determine the active Content Manager. Will retry periodically
DPR-DPR-1035 Dispatcher detected an error

Unable to start the Cognos 8 Service

SQL Server was configured to allow only 3 concurrent connections to the instance where the Cognos databases were located.

Change the setting to allow unlimited concurrent connections to the instance.
1. Open SQL Server Enterprise Manager
2. Right-mouse click on the SQL Server Registration (computer name) and click on Properties.
3. Access the Connections tab - Change the Maximum concurrent user connections to 0 for unlimited or a higher number to allow the required connections from Cognos 8.