Cognos Error: CAM-CRP-1132

1. [ ERROR ] CAM-CRP-1132 An error occurred while attempting to request a certificate from the Certificate Authority service. Unable to connect to the Certificate Authority service. Ensure that the Content Manager computer is configured and the ReportNet services on it are currently running. The HTTP result code ‘400’ was returned from the server.

While saving the Cognos configuration on a gateway installation, a CAM-CRP-1132 error is received. The Content Manager service indicates that it is starting, however the ‘Details’ button is inactive, and it is not possible to start Cognos Connection succesfully.

Some files & folders are missing from the WEB-INF folder on the Content Manager instance.

Back-up the configuration & custom content, and perform an uninstall/reinstall of the product in order to restore the files, or restore them from a known-good backup.