Cognos Error: CAM-AAA-0149

CM-REQ-4192 The property “owner” (for an object of class “package”) is incorrect.
CM-REQ-4049 an error occurred while accessing the security system.
CAM-AAA-0149 Unable to retrieve the object DN for the CAMID ‘LDAP:u:cn=…, ou=…,’.
CAM-AAA-0026 The function call to 'doLDAPSearch’failed with error code: ‘21’ Invalid syntax

When importing a deployment package from one Cognos 8 install to another, during the import process we receive the following errors:
CM-REQ-4192, CM-REQ-4049, CAM-AAA-0149, CAM-AAA-0026.
-import ownership is already set as the user performing the import.

-Security namespace (in this case, LDAP) is configured differently between the Cognos 8 installs
-Both authentication namespace configuration in Cognos Configuration needs to be identical.

-Reconfigure LDAP configuration in both Cognos 8 instances so that they match.
1. Temporarily add everyone to the system administrator role.
-Reconfiguring the security namespace may remove your user from system administrators.
2. Open both Cognos Configuration screens for each of the Cognos 8 installations.
3. Under authentication, browse through the security namespace to make sure that both configurations match.
4. Restart Cognos 8 Service, and retry import.
5. If import is now successful, remember to remove everyone from system administrators group.