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Cognos Error: CAM-AAA-0089

CAM-AAA-0146 The namespace is not available CAM-AAA-0064 The function
CAM_AAA_Configure failed.
CAM-AAA-0089 The provider is not initialized.
CAM-AAA-0026 The function call to ldap_search_s failed with error code:'2’
Protocol error

When trying to attach to an OpenLDAP directory Server, (the test functionality in Cognos Configuration), an error message is logged and the connection fails.

It seeems that OpenLDAP does not allow the setting of “unlimited” (-1) for time and retrieval limit by external client. In OpenLDAP configuration, however, those settings can be configured.

Specify other smaller values “for Size limit” and “Timeout in Seconds” in the Namespace configuration in Cognos Configuration.
On every installed instance of Cognos 8 running Content Manager component, execute the following steps:
1. Open cognos configuration
2. Select Security -> Authentication -> LDAP_namespace
3. Change the value for “Size limit” to some reasonable number like 200
4. Change the value for “Time out in seconds” to something reasonable like 30
5. Save the configuration
6. Restart the service