Cognos Configuration & Framework Manager (Windows) Error


We are trying to deploy multiple Win7 images across a VCL. Our base image has the Framework Manager installed and I configured Cognos Configuration with the Gateway / Dispatcher URIs and Security settings. Everything works until we deploy the image.

When I try to connect to a data source in Framework Manager I get this error:

I get this error when Testing/Saving the configuration in Cognos Configuration

I found two possible explanations/resolutions here:


I do not get the Java/Regenerate message described in both. I did try the fix in the second link(removing the cogstartup.prefs and a couple directories).

These did NOT work.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. TIA

UPDATE - 07/09/2010 16:56:00 EST

The fix in the 2nd link DOES work however its missing a step. Gonna recapture the image on Monday and retest. I’ll update this post again with full instructions.

Hi TROndrey,

Can you tell me what the missing steps is? We are always willing to improve the articles with feedback from the field.

You can reply to this topic or comment directly to the published article:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Ok here’s the deal. What I was attempting(SUCCEEDED) to do was create a Win7 image with Framework Manager/Cognos Connection pre-configured with the server settings so I could deploy it on our VCL. Obviously when each image loads up the keys would be transferred too and transferring the keys would not work so they would need to be configured when the image boots up for the first time.

The CAM-CRP-1280 error is correct as far as clearing the old keys / settings. For pre-configuring it though you need an exported cogstartup.xml file that has all the server settings you need copied to the configuration directory before creating the image.

When the image boots up it runs the cogconfig.bat in the bin directory with the -s and -test options. This takes the cogstartup.xml file and configures the settings then tests it so all of the keys are created prior to using Framework Manager making it seamless to the end user.

Here are the steps then if you want to create an image with Cognos Connection pre-configured:

  1. Configure Cognos Connection with the proper server settings and test.
  2. Export the cogstartup.xml
  3. Delete the following from the configuration directory:
    -cogstartup.xml (the original not the exported one)
  4. Copy the exported cogstartup.xml file to the /configuration directory.
  5. Script /bin/cogconfig.bat -s -test to run at bootup time. If you’re using SysPrep it would be best to throw it towards the end of the script.
  6. Create the image and try it out!