COGNOS Beginner user - Help me, Please!

Hi my friends,
Good evening,
Sorry about my poor English.
I need some help, please!!!
Actually I’m a TM1 developer, but now I’m starting with cognos.
I bought a book called “IBM Cognos Business Intelligence 10 - The Official Guide”.
I did download of Cognos 10.2.1 trial version in the IBM Website, actually I was looking for version 10 but it is not available.

  • I’m following the book and the book did not help with any installation or setup, anyway I installed the last trial version of Cognos (10.2.1) available in the IBM Website but I’m realizing that some modules I can’t find in this trial version, I’m thinking that this trial version doesn’t include some modules. For example “Cognos Insight” is a topic of my book but I couldn’t find it in the application.
    Also I couldn’t find information about how to connect cognos to the excel, I don’t know if it is possible in this cognos package that I Installed.
    Please, Can someone give me some direction and Information?
    Thank you so much.

i guess you downloaded “Trial download: Cognos Express 10.2.1”

Cognos express is not the same as the normal Cognos bi server used in your book.
The functionality is not 100% simular. The exact differences i can not remember since i only used Cognos express once and then i ran back to the “normal” Cognos BI server installation with all the features.