Cognos Access Manager - (CAM)


Cognos Access Manager - (CAM)


CAM (Cognos Access Manager) resides within Content Manager. CAM handles all authentication requests with third party security providers. The term 'Security Provider' refers to the fact that Cognos 8 does not administer user account information. Cognos 8 is not shipped with a security provider, but rather leverages Customers existing Security Providers.
CAM is a c++ component which communicates directly with Content Manager, which is a Java component. Therefore, CAM must utilize Java's JNI (Java Native Interface) memory allocation for this process.
CAM provides Cognos 8 with a consistent set of security capabilities and APIs, including user authentication, authorization, and encryption.

CAM supports:
- the use of your NT Domain users and groups.
- supports single signon.
- supports the use of your existing Active Directory users and groups. The Active Directory security provider will search the Active Directory Server based on login ID (sAMAccountName) which is a unique attribute for a whole Active Directory domain.

Some security capabilities, such as user authentication, are external to Cognos 8 but are exposed to Cognos 8 by Access Manager. Other capabilities, such as authorization, are internal to Cognos 8, and are implemented by Access Manager.

In Cognos Series 7 Products, there is a utility used as an interface between the Cognos products and customers authentication providers call Access Manager. Access Manager does have the capability to store (export) user information such as User Name, Password etc. CAM and Access Manager are NOT the same components and are different in functionality. In fact, Cognos Access Manager can use a Series 7 namespace from Access manager (the Series 7 component) as an authentication source.

cam_passport is the equivalent to AS_TICKET in the Series 7 BI products.