Cognos 8.4.2 Transformer settings

I have a Cognos 8.4.2 Report Studio Report running in 1:13min. If I however use the same report as a source into Transformer 8.4 to build a cube it’s running in over an hour just to do the read. What could be the problem?
The datasource is Sybase IQ 15
I have read numerous post on the net and tried everything that I could. It must be some sort of setting somewhere

Hi Jan,

is the report in reportstudio a complete report or just 1 page?

The read action in transformer is for the complete dataset. When you run a report in reportstudio it renders just the first page.

Guru, it’s the full report (exported to .xls). I’m aware that when you run it in html it only produces the firts page. We have been running Cognos 10.1 on a test box. The same report and transformer model runs in 1:13 and 1:12. The problem is that we are only scheduled to upgrade in 2013.