Cognos 8.3 Report Studio Expression Definition Font Size

We recently upgraded from Cognos 8.1 to Cognos 8.3. The font size in the Expression Definition window was fine before, but now it is much smaller. Is there a way to change the font size back to the font size we had before?

we did the same upgrade a year ago but did not experience that…

Did you use the same configuration file (cogstartup.xml) and global settings? There are some font settings in there, but i am not sure if it is used by report studio at all… :-\
We reused those files back then and the layout was fine.

you can try this:

when you are in the expression Definition Window, press key and use the mouse wheel to chane the font size of your browser window.

I tried that, and it changes the text size for everything BUT the Expression Definition text. Go figure! I am asking our IT person about the configuration file.

Actually, we upgraded to 8.4.1. As a follow-up, IBM Cognos has decided this a defect.

Hi Debra,

do you have a defect number for us? ::slight_smile: