Cognos 11.1.7 FP3 is available

Fix Pack 3 for Cognos 11.1.7 (Long Term Support) was released on June 29, 2021. Fix Pack 3 is cumulative since Cognos 11.1.7 GA.

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IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1.7 FP3 - Fix List

Component APAR Description
General Product PH28903 11.1.7 iframe for a dashboard does not work with Cognos Analytics on cloud with IBMId
General Product PH35284 SAP BW fails on Linux when sap drivers are placed in the drivers folder for ca 11.1.X
General Product PH34769 Flipper does not work properly when server has multiple NICs
General Product PH29670 Authentication fails and namespace is removed from cognos configuration when you start up a second full install with cm disabled
General Product PH35050 Organization name with special character
General Product PH30633 Mashup service authentication fails with cm-req-4342 error in 11.1.7
General Product PH30572 After upgrade to cognos analytics 11.1.7, mashup service authentication is no longer to work.
General Product PH30521 WSDL prompting end user for credentials
General Product PH32513 Cogstartup.xml uses wrong hidden hostname by creating new instance, so jmx service is not starting.
General Product PH32077 Report prompt execution performance issue based on PA after cognos analytics upgrade from ca 11.0.13 to 11.1.7 fp1
General Product PH31995 Xqe-pnl-0026 Found unsupported iif function arguments.
General Product PH31347 Cast datetime against Oracle with unexpected result in data module
General Product PH30605 Framework Manager filter validation hangs when using #sq(csvidentitynamelist())# macros
General Product PH29535 SAP Hanna data source using Kerberos authentication failing to pull back schemas in portal and metadata in Framework Manager.
General Product PH37726 Xqe-gen-0005 found an internal error:
General Product PH36880 A database filter is not submitted to the db in a report query after migration from ca 11.0.13 to ca 11.1.7
General Product PH33882 Upgraded dynamic cube from 11.1.2 to 11.1.7 and relative time members are not longer visible when creating a report
General Product JR63353 Maximum number of retrieved rows governor setting in fm is not behaving as expected for DQM
General Product JR63250 An expression with case statement and count distinct function produces 0 value after upgrading from CQM to DQM
General Product PH32798 Default aggregation leads to different results in DQM
General Product PH32696 Union on count distinct aggregation prevents functions to be pushed down
General Product PH32559 For clause ignored in aggregation
General Product PH32359 Incorrect SQL generation: unexpected cross join and unwanted tables in from clause
General Product PH32338 V5 syntax error in dashboard with crosstab and filtering
General Product PH32330 Expressions that span multiple metadata sources are only supported for aggregate calculated
General Product PH32271 Custom sort is not applied to crosstabs within dashboards
General Product PH32260 Parameter map model in fm not working using single quote single quote single quote, now must use single quote space single quote
General Product PH32203 Xqe-dat-0001 d1.c2 is not valid in the context where it is used
General Product PH32151 Report authoring cannot search the measure with special characters from Planning Analytics cube
General Product PH32139 Xqe-pln-0001 internal error v5aggregatebreakclause incompatible with sqlquerynode
General Product PH31990 Except operator shows different result with DQM
General Product PH31951 Xqe-pln-0175 the operand of a standard aggregate can not contain another aggregate.
General Product PH31949 The operand of the column function sysibm. includes a column function, a scalar fullselect, or a subquery
General Product PH31893 Performance issue with pa connector.
General Product PH31642 Different results for running-count in CQM and DQM
General Product PH31632 After aggregation filter applied as before aggregation filter for filter in query join
General Product PH31216 Dqm report causes “xqe-pln-0098 vendor specific function is not supported”
General Product PH31063 Datasource is incorreclty used in report for models that contain multiple datasources
General Product PH31014 Xqe-cm-0004 unable to parse the data source command block after converting to DQM
General Product PH30765 DQM report throws a xqe-pln-0131 circular reference error
General Product PH30677 Warning when validating a trunc function
General Product PH30676 Arithmetic overflow for report with mod and trunc
General Product PH30675 Db2 function digits leads to wrong result
General Product PH30203 Xqe-gen-0005 error when big values are inserted to query properties
General Product PH29188 Singleton empty in report with query join and page set
General Product PH29078 Row suppressed in DQM due to null in list header
General Product PH28071 Localization not returned for member based metadata tree with Planning Analytics
General Product PH26305 Count distinct causes “xqe-pln-0098 vendor specific function not available” error
General Product PH26271 Error “count distinct is not supported for queries that span multiple sources.”
General Product PH25750 Interactive filtering on literal numerical expressions returns no data with DQM package
General Product PH16473 Cannot import metadata in fm even when presto datasource test successfully
General Product PH37911 Unable to open tm1 package after upgrading to 11.1.7
General Product PH37607 Filter expression in prompt not working
General Product PH36926 Dashboarding - top/bottom filter causes java.lang.nullpointerexception error
General Product PH36874 Dashboarding - top count filter generates identifier not found ‘[_numexpr…’ Error
General Product PH36568 Xqe-pln-0098 vendor specific functions not supported in join with 11.1.7 if1031
General Product PH36372 Descending sort ignored for running-count before join in dynamic query mode
General Product PH35911 Custom sort does not work for data group items in crosstab
General Product PH35404 Xqe-pln-0248 for detail filter referencing item from other query
General Product PH35260 Xqe-gen-0002 an unexpected exception occurred: ntree.relational.vectorization.longcolumnvector incompatible
General Product PH34940 Blank column in line and column visualization when top and bottom filter is applied directly on on the measure.
General Product PH34775 Prompts on report page unable to filter queries
General Product PH34753 Run as a user, sso database connection failed with constrained delegation
General Product PH34749 Java.lang.nullpointerexception for report with rank, maximum, total and list footer
General Product PH34746 Xqe-pln-0098 vendor specific functions not supported in join
General Product PH34745 Default aggregation for count aggregation
General Product PH34660 GM reports fail to run with read timed out after the migration from 11.0.13 to 11.1.7 + if1023
General Product PH34467 Xqe-pln-0385 when using the filter or summarized with default count distinct in dashboard with combined data modules
General Product PH34383 Reports that use database functions(udfs) fail after upgrade
General Product PH34073 Business function last of month expression will cause overflow in oracle resulting in ora-01841
General Product PH34072 Setting detail aggregate property to median causes rsv-val-0010 failed to load the report specification.
General Product PH34068 DQM has no timestamp equivalent for _date_to_int which results in database errors when running reports
General Product PH34039 Report authoring cannot search the member as subsets with ampersand (&) characters from planning analytics cube
General Product PH33833 Framework Manager reads sap iq schema with all the partitions tables
General Product PH33826 Autorest connection ceases to return data in 11.1.7 fp2
General Product PH33822 Sqlidentifier.delimitname() has no protection against npe for the 2 first arguments.
General Product PH33735 Report view created off of a report using tm1 cube fails with an error: xqe-gen-0010 found an internal error
General Product PH33715 Global filter with top count filter in dashboard returns “the vendor specific function is not supported.”
General Product PH33702 DQM report with in_range filter shows xqe-gen-0002 error
General Product PH33599 _years_between throws exception when second argument is nullvalue object - vectorization:on
General Product PH33598 _years_between throws exception when second argument is nullvalue object - vectorization:off
General Product PH33479 Requests continue to route to busy query service when many query services are free and healthy
General Product PH33469 Report errors with xqe-dat-0001 “db2admin.tablename” is an undefined name after upgrade
General Product PH33464 Xqe-gen-0002 an unexpected exception occurred java.lang.stackoverflowerror after report upgrade
General Product PH33433 Query service will run out of memory after validate the expression with two decimal points in a number from dashboard
General Product PH33391 Xqe-dat-0001 data source adapter error: java.sql.sqlexception: amazon invalid operation: full join is only supported w
General Product PH33390 Report fails with xqe-dat-0001 data source adapter error .SQLSYNTAXERROREXCEPTION: “db2admin.table17” after upgrade
General Product PH33383 Topcount filter in dashboards returns "column “c3” does not exist in…”
General Product PH33291 Report fails with xqe-dat-0001 data source adapter error: java.sql.sqlexception: amazon invalid operation: column “c3”
General Product PH33290 Topcount filter in dashboards returns more rows than expected in a multi-fact query
General Product PH33227 Report fails with error xqe-gen-0002 an unexpected exception occurred: java.lang.stackoverflowerror
General Product PH33195 Report fails with xqe-dat-0001 “c3” is not valid in the context where it is used. After upgrade.
General Product PH33182 Prestodb datasource connection fails in fm with errors "bmt-imp- 0002 failed to execute metadata request. Jdbcsqlexception caf-wr
General Product PH33157 Upgraded report now fails with a xqe-pln-0020 error
General Product PH33155 Xqe-pln-0385 when using count distinct aggregation with multiple data sources in query on a data module
General Product PH33069 Descending sort ignored for running-count in Dynamic Query Mode
General Product PH33065 Different results for join after 11.0.13 IF 1065
General Product PH33005 Java.lang.nullpointerexception for report with running-minimum, running-count and detail filter on result
General Product PH32993 Single select prompt is generated for in-filter when using view tabular data
General Product PH32986 Different processing after 11.0.13 IF 1065
General Product PH32975 Java.lang.nullpointerexception for detail filter on case-when expression
General Product PH32935 Xqe-gen-0001 the method copyfrom is not implemented.
General Product PH32933 The statement is too long or too complex
General Product PH32930 Xqe-pln-0119 for DQM report without auto-group and summarize
General Product PH30914 Ranking and running count incorrect after IF 1004
General Product PH30624 Outer join only returns first row after if applied
General Product PH30202 Accessibility - aria roles used must conform to valid values
General Product PH29202 Accessibility - IBM Cognos Analytics icon indicates a checkbox in reader
General Product PH27222 User needs to refresh browser when authenticating to a namespace from anonymous to see the change in welcome page
General Product PH20392 Navbarselectline not working when using themes in 11.1.4
General Product PH36537 Using run as you get the request to run … Was successful popup . If on the run as page at the time you go to the welcome page
General Product PH35457 Button not colored by appbarforeground in appbar
General Product PH35456 Line break for label of sample.folder.opener
General Product PH34180 Cannot rename a folder by appending a zero to the front of the name
General Product PH33003 Custom theme causing error java exception error in cognosserver.log
General Product PH30297 Thirdpartycertificatetool may export wrong ca certificate
General Product PH29816 Wrong assginment in poland map.
General Product PH17129 11.0 and 11.1 wordcloud visualizations cannot handle nulls
General Product PH37102 [dashboard] inconsistent values displayed in visualization on stacked column chart when rendered in browser.
General Product PH33436 Bar column visualization no hovering tooltips over small columns in reporting

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Fix list continued:

Component APAR Description
Administration PH32762 Content added to e-mail body when updating the schedule without confirming in the delivery pane
Administration PH30679 User with missing capability can schedule by minute and by hour
Administration PH25362 Changing the owner for a schedule in new ui with “use my credentials” isn’t working in ca 11.1.6
Administration PH35090 Unable to uncheck save button when save file to external location is checked
Administration PH34308 Include link always selected for upgraded schedules
Administration PH32781 Saving scheduled report to external file system failing with cnc-ds-0031 cannot find the alias with the search path ‘’
Administration PH32740 Not able to remove recipients from schedule option “sent report to mobile device”
Administration PH32282 Scheduled tasks start one hour earlier in sao_paulo timezone
Administration PH32143 Choosing ‘run as’ on a report with format ‘default’ selected in its properties does not respect the users preferences
Administration PH31655 Cannot select past and current activities under manage > activities
Administration PH31603 Links to reports in emails missing when using ‘change default setup options’ in the job
Administration PH31223 Typo in Manage - Data servers – Connections when listing schemas
Administration PH31092 New recipient is not retained when editing an existing schedule using the directory option.
Administration PH31043 Error creating external repository connection to file system
Administration PH30350 For burst report the to: field is shown in email when it should not
Administration PH30258 On change default step options in an existing job, a blank screen is displayed when editing the details
Administration PH29971 Running report in background cannot select only save to file system option
Administration PH29605 Capabilities show blank screen after customizing access while using ie
Administration PH28607 Empty email subject when attaching a report output
Administration PH24853 Tenant impersonation option is not showing the available tenant ids
Administration PH22947 Jobs upgraded from cognos analytics 11.1.2 to 11.1.4+ clears out job steps in new glass ui when using email delivery.
Administration PH22341 Send report to mobile device (delivery option) available for all reports after upgrading to an intern fix
Administration PH16357 Report path shows user camid instead of user “My content” path in the “My schedules and subscriptions” UI.
Administration PH37339 My schedules and subscriptions, run once option doesn’t response in 11.1.7 if1033
Administration PH37258 View the details of this report after closing this dialog is missing from run as after upgrade to Cognos Analytics
Administration PH37188 Job step appears blank when removing another job step that is no longer available (ie/edge in compatibility mode)
Administration PH36814 Administration: users can not see schedules until given write permission on the folder
Administration PH36486 Unable to edit parameter values for agent in job
Administration PH36375 User with no capability to schedule by minute can schedule a report by a fraction of the hour in new ui.
Administration PH35887 Unable to deselect save delivery option when editing existing schedule
Administration PH35607 All scheduled instances are not visible under upcoming activities
Administration PH35355 View the details of this job after closing this dialog is missing from run as after upgrade to Cognos Analytics
Administration PH35049 Unable to select all schedules in my schedules and subscriptions in Cognos Analytics
Administration PH34210 Triggername persist when changed schedule from trigger to time schedule and cause the schedule to execute twice
Administration PH34143 Schedule menu disappears after setting prompt values
Administration PH33830 Content Manager consumes 99% cpu usage after switching standby to active
Administration PH33475 Can not add user to email from directory
Administration PH33466 Opening large job is very slow with new Glass UI
Administration PH33325 Blank page when creating a schedule
Administration PH33177 Unable to save file to the file system without saving the report in the content store.
Cognos Application Firewall PH36422 CAF (cognos application firewall) throwing error from the secure log handler when handling Cognos for Microsoft Office report.
Cognos Connection PH35922 Download image icons for excel report saved outputs in chrome/edge browsers in admin interface.
Cognos SDK PH30162 Reports run via SDK result in inverted parameters and fail with xqe-pln-0537
Cognos Viewer PH32558 Business style has changed in ca11.1.7 which is causing the prompt page to be shifted for a user on every report
Cognos Viewer PH38755 Drill links set to open in new window will reuse same new tab when clicking second drill link in source report.
Content Manager PH34435 Cm ran out of query cache handle.
Content Manager PH33866 We are exhausting lockhandlecache freelist, and code has a hard coded 5000. Request to adjustable.
Content Manager PH27362 Cognos analytics on demand - cannot create folder with the same name but in different tenants
Content Manager PH34429 Cm stability issue - it happens almost weekly, forcing restart.
Content Manager PH32818 System hang because a dead lock between cm and cam
Collaboration PH30905 Using the search directory option in the send report to email dialog box does not show users in Internet Explorer
Collaboration PH34362 The “search directory” tool does not work as expected for users who don’t have the “type in external email” capability
Content Navigation PH22670 Back button in workspace does not work and throws Http 404 error
Content Navigation PH11971 Share link does not set custom perspective correctly
Content Navigation PH36180 Routing rule creating group tag does not complete
Content Navigation PH34601 After applying if1025, select a source button does not work and users are unable to create a new report.
Content Navigation PH33002 Button folder lacks “create url” and “upload files” functionality
Dashboarding PH32681 Internet explorer crashes when clicking off a text object, in dashboard or story, when written in Korean
Dashboarding PH32148 Filter on line and column chart is filtering the line and column independently, instead of filtering together
Dashboarding PH32108 Filter label in dashboard changes when selecting new filter values
Dashboarding PH31887 Custom sorting on a standalone calculation does not sort the items correctly
Dashboarding PH31814 “operation failed” error when upgrading dashboards where default font family has been restored on visualization legend or axis
Dashboarding PH35229 Dashboard with expression based filters returns ‘an internal error has occurred, please see the log for details.’
Dashboarding PH33913 Very large data modules results in 5+ sec wait times in dashboard
Dashboarding PH33604 Hover tooltip unavailable in dashboard when value is null
Dashboarding PH32892 Waterfall visualization does not expose “value axis show zero origin” option
Delivery Service PH30877 Email attachment as .dat when report name contains thai characters or thai + english characters in ca 11.1.7
Delivery Service PH29736 Email attachment file name corrupted when report name contains thai characters or thai + english character in ca 11.1.7
Delivery Service PH36964 Email messages get stuck in waiting state and do not clear automatically
Delivery Service PH33752 Cnc-ds-0025 cannot write the report output to the file system - if report name has () and using “version number” for conflict resolution
Extensions PH24398 Uploading a .zip file containing images for the Image Gallery extension fails if the file exceeds 130mb
Job Scheduling and Monitor Service PH31869 Ca 11.1.7 job report status changes from “defined by report” to “custom” after viewing report without making any changes
Job Scheduling and Monitor Service PH30644 Failed schedule without valid credentials does not throw an error and no entry under activities
Job Scheduling and Monitor Service PH30352 Making changes to default step options for pdf format not taking effect
Job Scheduling and Monitor Service PH35949 Broken link in job won’t allow ability to re-link to report view, only report
Jupyter PH32055 Failure to open a notebook at first attempt when using internet explorer
Modeling PH32299 Expanding members in a dashboard filter with hierarchy don’t load all members
Modeling PH31726 Msr_gen_0035 the module was not found after migrating data modules from ca 11.1.1 to ca 11.1.7 fp1
Modeling PH30435 When updating a uploaded excel file then the following error message appears: msr-upl-2106 incompatible data type
Modeling PH28441 Cannot cast an unsupported vendor data type to one which is supported by Cognos while using a data module (but can when using French).
Modeling PH26686 Summary: when uploading a file with an extension of “.xlsx”, we get the following error: xlsx is not a supported file type
Modeling PH25655 Adding a table to a db schema, results in it being selected when you load metadata for a data module.
Modeling PH25273 Xqe-pln-0175 error validating calculation in dashboard.
Modeling PH26124 Error in a data module calculation when it is joined with an uploaded Excel sheet
Query Studio PH35336 Qe-def-0260 when trying to run a query studio report with a varchar filter
Report Authoring PH32654 Accessibility - single select value prompt causes elements must only use allowed aria attributes
Report Authoring PH31514 Folder path is missing in report properties
Report Authoring PH31328 When running a report, the expectation is that when you use shor tcut ctrl+shift+2, the first section on the report should be…
Report Authoring Report Authoring PH28847 Typing am or pm in date-time prompt not being submitted
Report Authoring PH27390 Table not centering on prompt page in classic viewer
Report Authoring PH26588 ‘filter for report’ missing in report authoring in 11.1.5 for levels in dmr package
Report Authoring PH25521 Accessibility - incorrect navigation to more entry in tree prompt
Report Authoring PH25113 Typeerror, rsstartupblock errors in Firefox and Chrome in ca 11.1.x reporting
Report Authoring PH20435 Unable to input in query studio report prompt
Report Authoring PH35439 Content Manager did not return information for permission denied error appears on the source report after the drill through
Report Authoring PH34913 Javascript error running report as csv in the backgound and ie11 hangs after iterating several attempts
Report Authoring PH34795 Custom font used for the axis of a combination chart is not displayed correctly.
Report Authoring PH34701 Performance issue when switching between report pages in ms edge
Report Authoring PH34253 Editing queries of a report is very slow
Report Authoring PH34022 Type error received when deleting a query in report
Report Authoring PH33797 Refresh on prompt query property does not work when using tabs
Report Authoring PH33667 Message “layout reference not found” when adding a block referencing a prompt from another report
Report Authoring PH33094 Navigation in reporting edit mode is slow in chrome
Report Authoring PH32906 Expanding references in report authoring does not finish
Report Authoring PH32844 Typeerror: cannot read property ‘indexof’ when attempting to create a report and switching between browser tabs
Report Authoring PH06983 Opening the referenced report property to check/update the report used in a report reference takes you to team content
Report Authoring PH32069 Filter for report option not available with levels in a dimensional package
Report Authoring PH33051 When selecting a source to create a new report, nothing happens if you click the top third of the Open button.
Report Authoring PH33148 Applying a filter to a column results in missing cell borders.
Report Server PH32119 Drilling through to a target report hangs in classic viewer if user lacks permissions on target report
Report Server PH31982 Report with html item and data module as a source run via sdk result in rsv-srv-0031
Report Server PH31676 Accessibility - cannot navigate date picker using arrow keys
Report Server PH31609 Missing delimiter(,) causing the rows to split when large data is being reported in csv format from a joined query
Report Server PH30691 When a report has multiple tabs and executed in the excel after being run in html, the html report refreshes, focuses on1st tab
Report Server PH30550 Editing a large report in Chrome is extremely slow.
Report Server PH28242 Report run as csv missing data when csv advanced parameters set
Report Server PH22935 Drill-down on dmr reports no longer have same functionality as 11.0.6/Cognos 10.
Report Server PH22148 Routing rules for packages are not applied when pasting a report spec.
Report Server PH35733 Rendering a report output in excel, pdf, or html on rhel on power takes much longer than on rhel on intel
Report Server PH33811 Text ‘x001f’ gets stripped from string when exported to excel
Report Server PH33053 Setting number decimal places to 0 for the measure in a combination chart produces rsv-srv0040 error
Report Server PH13890 Opening up the target report in edit mode after drilling through switcher goes to the source report
Report Server PH36953 Execute a tab report and run it again as csv from tab three then the tab three has the content from the first tab
Report Server PH35331 Performance details are not presented with report having a layout reference
Report Server PH35293 CA 11 report with prompts returns error “rqp-def-0371 operation unsupported in forward only cursor mode was used”
Report Server PH32973 When running a specific report as csv format in background, cm-req-4253 error occurs.
Report Server PH10964 Errors using large prompt selection values when prompt parameter auditing is enabled over TCP protocol.
Search PH35734 Schedules from my content reports cannot be seen in the my schedules and subscriptions pane until credentials are renewed
Smarts PH36340 Assistant incorrectly qualifying values of global calculations for filters with table name/columnfilterfilterfilterfilter
Smarts PH32088 Crosstab displaying an if calculation against an fm package data source only returns a single row