Cognos 10

IBM Cognos 10 is the upcoming major Cognos Business Intelligence release. It is the first major release after Cognos 8, which was launched in 2005. It also is the first major release since Cognos was bought by IBM in 2007.

Cognos 10 will be launched at IOD 2010 with a live simulcast. This year is the first time IBM have merged Cognos Forum into the Global IOD Conference in Las Vegas and the union is set to have a big bang with the launch of Cognos 10. Rob Ashe, General Manager of IBM Business Analytics, will deliver this breaking news of IBM Cognos 10 live from the Business Analytics Forum in Las Vegas.

Are there images of Cognos 10? There are no screen shots of Cognos 10 known or to be found on the web. This is due the non-disclosure contracts the beta testers and companies must sign. IBM Cognos put a “teaser” :-X on Youtube, but does not show a single screen shot or functionalities.

New features and enhancements in Cognos 10

1. SPSS analysis functionality is included in Cognos 10
The functionality of the IBM purchased SPSS will be fully integrated within Cognos 10. Cognos will therefore use a 10 with one-click opportunity to SPSS statistical models and algorithms into a Cognos report. It will not be necessary to leave the Cognos suite of SPSS functionality to take advantage and it will probably not be a separate studio in Cognos 10. SPSS will integrate the entire Cognos platform, from the planning module to personnel performance module.

According to Ashe, “Integrating Cognos SPSS 10 is an important first step in the continuous process of integrating and enabling the analysis of structured and unstructured information.” This embedding of SPSS 10 is in Cognos ‘predictive analytics’ a major step forward for many companies.

2. The import of unstructured data in Cognos 10
Companies are now increasingly faced with unstructured data. 10 Cognos will make it easier to import this data within the data warehouse. It will also consult on these dates (and query) are facilitated.

3. Introduction of Social Networking in Cognos 10
This is a striking new feature that will provide Cognos 10. What the exact functionality will be is unknown. Ashe says the following: "The Social Networking features will allow employees to work together on common analysis. Technology from Lotus Connections is used for this (sametime?).

What is Cognos 10 missing?
Something that fits entirely within the current hype, “cloud services”. Cognos 10 does not offer this option yet, but Cognos has indicated that there is currently research being done.