Cognos 10.2

Hi ,

We are planning to install the cognos 10.2. We got the supported environment link from the below link

We are going to install in Linux servers. So we have installed the OS “Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1” in cognos application servers. But which OS we will use for the webserver?? Do we need to use the same OS for the webserver also ? can you please help this…

We are going to use Apache HTTP Server 2.2+ as webserver

Thanks in Advance


Hi Sajeev,

the same OS is not required for a web server when the other servers (dispatcher, content manager components) are running on.

for example you can let the gateway component run on Linux, dispatcher on AIX and the content manager on Windows. This will work as long as you use the same Cognos build. But for IT it is easier to have the same OS on the servers.