Cognos 10.1.1 Error while accessing the Package

I have upgraded the package and reports from cognos 8.4.1. to cognos10.1.1.I have set the report execution mode in 64 -bit in the dispatcher configuration and started the services
while opening the package i got the error message "QFS-ERR-0141 This report service is configured as 64-bit and only supports packages published with the dynamic query mode. "
therefore i have opened the package in cognos 10.1.1 FM and published again, while publishing the package i have checked the dynamic qurey option. Now if i am trying to open the package in report studio i am getting the error “XQE-CON-0007 XQE error encountered: DPR-ERR-2002 Unable to execute the request because there were no connections to the process available within the configured time limit.”???what is this issue??

PS : i am using the Oracle contant store and reporting databases. I am installed the cognos 64-bit software .

i believe the dynamic query is the 64 bit dispatcher. This will use the 64 bit oracle client which must be installed and configured on the dispatcher.

on the other hand does the 32 bit oracle client work? can you create a connection to the oracle database?

But we require 32-bit oracle client only…pls find the below comments

All IBM Cognos BI 10.1.1 32-bit versions will integrate with 32-bit 3rd party libraries only. IBM Cognos BI 10.1.1 64-bit installs will integrate with 64-bit Java environments only, other integration points require 3rd party 32-bit libraries

i have installed the java 64 bit ,but the oracle 32 bit only…